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I am truly grateful for Russell Baldani. There are times in one life where we place our self in bad position, we have made a poor decision that is outside our character but does not represent who we are. The law although fair can be harsh and stern. Thankfully I had Russell ow\n my team, he explained in detailed what I was up against and presented me with reasonable affordable solutions. He was very conscientious about my state of my mind and genuinely concerned about my future moving past this obstacle. He made it possible for me to understand the importance of my decisions and being a family man not to take my actions lightly. I am a much better person for this and eternally grateful. If you find yourself in tough position I highly recommend Russel and his team as a means to a fair and affordable solution…….Thanks Russ

If you are looking for an attorney in Lexington, KY — whether a criminal attorney, family law, or personal injury — Baldani Rowland & Richardson offers over 70 years of courtroom experience.

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Baldani, Rowland & Richardson attorneys have successfully represented thousands of individuals across the Commonwealth in both state and federal court.

Our clients range from people facing serious criminal charges, such as drug trafficking and murder, to individuals accused of relatively minor traffic violations, like speeding and driving under the influence.

Our attorneys represent clients at all stages of criminal proceedings. Whether you have just been arrested, indicted, are preparing for trial, or seeking post-conviction relief, we have the expertise and experience needed to guide you through the process and zealously advocate on your behalf.

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