BRR 2015 NCAA Bracket Pool is Coming!


The 2015 BRR NCAA Bracket Pool is coming! See how many different ways you can have Kentucky win it all! Watch our blog for details as we get closer to Selection Sunday.

Tucker Richardson

Tucker Richardson

Tucker is a founding member and managing partner of Baldani, Rowland and Richardson. He practices in all areas of state and federal criminal defense, from capital murder defense to DUI defense. You can reach Tucker at 859-259-0727.
Tucker Richardson

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2 comments to BRR 2015 NCAA Bracket Pool is Coming!

  • Ryan Masterson

    How do you do the bracket if it is illegal to gamble on it? The reason I ask is because I am starting a nonprofit and want to do a bracket this year for the foundation and give the winner half of the pot.

    • Tucker Richardson

      Generally speaking, bracket pools are legal so long as all of the money is paid out to the winners of the pool. If you have a specific question, give us a call!

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