criminal defense attorney lexingtonSearching for “attorneys Lexington KY” and found Baldani, Rowland & Richardson? Give us a call at (859) 259-0727 for a free* initial consultation about your legal problems. All calls confidential.

Nothing on this website is intended as legal advice, but is for entertainment and informational purposes only. If you have legal questions, you must consult with an attorney.

If you would like to consult with a Baldani, Rowland & Richardson attorney about a legal issue, give us a call at (859) 259-0727. During business hours, you can click the live chat window lower right.

After hours, you can leave a message there as well. An attorney is notified immediately and will be back in touch asap. Please note, depending on circumstances, this may not be until the next business day.

Thank you for considering Baldani, Rowland & Richardson. We look forward to working with you to resolve your legal issues as efficiently and affordably as possible!

*Initial consultations are not free in divorce cases.

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