Interesting Idea for DUI Checkpoints

So I came across an interesting idea that someone has for DUI checkpoints. At these checkpoints, officers will ask you to roll down the window and get your license, registration, and insurance, and ask you if you’ve been drinking. Really what they do are trying to assess if you’re drunk, if they can smell marijuana, or any other number of things that will allow them to escalate a checkpoint into a full-blown detention.

The video below has an interesting idea: put all your info in a bag and keep it outside your car as you roll up to a checkpoint. That way you don’t have to say anything or roll down the window and the officer can’t smell inside your vehicle.

That’s not to say an officer wouldn’t say he smelled marijuana, or saw drugs in plain view, or believed you were drunk anyway. Techniques like this are always sort of a double-edged sword as you definitely draw a lot more attention to yourself, but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless. At least in this case, it’s successful!

Tucker Richardson

Tucker Richardson

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Tucker Richardson

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