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“I could not be more pleased with the assistance I received from Mrs.Lewis at BRR. Everyone involved was very professional and prompt. Mrs. Lewis answered all of my questions and walked me though all the options. I highly recommend this firm to anyone in Kentucky!” — Ana Crane via G+

“Tucker, I am truly thankful for such a good lawyer and person to handle my case. I felt so lost and alone before Tucker took my case. Reading reviews of other lawyers and the pros and cons of a lawyer I felt Tucker was the best man for my case. He was straight forward and very honest with me the whole time. Most lawyers will not return your phone call, but Tucker always called me back. He was on vacation overseas and took the time out of his day to call a colleague of his to make sure I was taken care of. Its hard to find someone who truly cares out in this world, but thank God I was lead to a man who has a heart and works hard to defend his client. If you are looking for a good lawyer stop right here, because you just found him. Tucker Richardson, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having faith in me and my case. I not only call you my lawyer now, but a friend as well. Thanks. — Brandon G. via G+

“Back in August of 2010, my world came crashing down because of choices I had made. I was on the verge of divorce, about to lose any chance of seeing my one little girl, and was facing multiple felonies in a very messy and painful case that the state of KY was bringing against me…

We searched for lawyers around Lexington and got connected with Russ through a couple of referrals. This is where the story takes a dramatic turn. Russ knows a lot about what he does, and if there’s every something he doesn’t know, he won’t stop until he figures it out. The way Russ cared for me personally and really got to know my family and our circumstances made it so easy for us to trust him, both for his wisdom and his gut instinct.

He is very relationally intelligent and did such a great job communicating and negotiating with the prosecution and I never once questioned his motives, his intentions, or his work ethic. His willingness to constantly battle for my rights and what was best for our family made it possible for my wife and I to begin to heal, ultimately reconcile, and now three new children later, FLOURISH.

I would highly recommend Russ and his team to anyone looking for legal counsel of any kind. If and when you come across a circumstance or scenario where life-long legal consequences hang in the balance, you really need to know that the person you are hiring will have the tools you need and be in your corner all the way to the end. Russ is that guy.

Thanks Russ for helping navigate through the legal chaos of 4 years ago and for helping make a way for our family to survive my terrible choices and be even better off now because of them.” — Jon and Leslie Linwick via G+

“Brandi was all I could’ve asked for in a lawyer through my divorce. She was prompt, efficient, and made sure my bases were covered, including negotiating with my husband’s credit card company on my behalf. She was understanding, as well, of the emotional nature of the case and was very sensitive to that. There is no way I could have filed the astronomical amount of paperwork and dealt with the abundance of legalities on my own. I’m grateful to her and the firm and would recommend her to anyone.” — Katherine Wood via G+

“When I recently found Myself in legal trouble, I knew just who to call! Tucker Richardson had worked wonders for me in the past, and I knew he was the only Lawyer I would trust to handle my situation. From the first court appearance, I felt completely confident that things were going to be ok. He kept me well informed of the procedures and was always timely with his communication with me ! Sure enough, when court day came, he managed to get my charges reduced, keep me out of jail, and even save my Job! He worked very hard for me and I truly appreciate all he did! If I ever need an attorney, or know anyone who does, The first name out of my mouth will be Tucker Richardson! Can’t remember which one advertised as “call the Man” , but I can assure you The Man is Tucker Richardson! The best attorney in Lexington and any surrounding area! Thanks Again Tucker, for everything!” — Darrin Green via G+

“Tucker Richardson worked really hard for me and did not give up during the arraignment for my second Alcohol Intoxication charge to prove that there was no probable cause for my arrest. His effort and persistence ultimately led to the judge not wanting to send my case to trial and the charge of Alcohol Intoxication against me was dismissed and that saved me from having an alcohol related charge on my background check and having more legal trouble/fees in my life. I highly recommend Tucker Richardson to represent anyone in the Lexington area, he has done wonders for me and I am very fortunate to have been able to seek out his legal services.” — Patrick A.

“The difference between a good lawyer and a GREAT lawyer is Tucker Richardson! He seeks meaningful feedback from his clients and acts on it immediately. He doesn’t wait on his phone to ring- – he makes your phone ring and gives you the most practical advice, while delivering the results! Tucker gives you more than you pay for. He’s not just ‘capable’… He’s LOYAL! If you want a GREAT lawyer, choose Tucker Richardson!” — Hollie

“Tucker Richardson was my attorney when i recently ran into some legal issues. Mr Richardson handled everything in a very timely and thorough manner. He truly went above the call of duty. I highly recommend him and his law firm. By far, the best attorneys in central kentucky, without question. Thank You Tucker!!!” — Mike D.

“You know you are giving attorney’s a bad name by being kind, helpful, caring, sincere, thoughtful, appreciative, reachable, approachable…” — Douglas

“Tucker and BRR, Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, my son was facing very serious drug related charges. Under your leadership, our son’s case ended with a misdemeanor, probation and a second chance. Our son learned a life changing lesson and is doing well. We are grateful. Thank you.” — James

“Tucker Richardson has helped my family over the last few years. He is not only dedicated-always returns calls promptly, but is professional and represents a lawyer at his best. We are fortunate to have been referred to him by another lawyer who grew up with Tucker in Winchester. Thank you again and again for our peace of mind.” — Nancy

“Thanks a lot for all what you have done. It has been a great experience dealing with your firm. Tucker, you have been there for me, I really appreciate the hard work. THANKS AGAIN.” — Michael

“There are no words of gratitude BIG enough to express the Thank you from this entire family for what you have done and continue to do to help my nephew. You take the legal field to a whole new level for your care, attention to detail and knowledge of the law, of course. I love you with all my heart.” — K. Yorke

“Great Experience! I have had bad lawyers in the past. I have had lawyers do nothing in the past. So when I needed a lawyer this time I was worried. Luckily I was referred to Tucker Richardson. He was great! Here’s how I would describe Tucker Richardson…. “Honest” He did not sugar coat anything about where I stood. “Dependable” Always doing everything to keep me up to date, well-informed, and never did he leave me hanging. “Ultimately Reliable” I was really concerned with the legal matter I had. I just wanted it to go away! Well when I least expected it, my matter did go away! I DID NOT get another call asking for more money for the job he already did. I would never be confused about calling a lawyer ever, if they were all like this guy! Thanks again Tucker!” — D. Young

“I was in a horrible car accident a couple of years ago and suffered quite a few serious injuries. I knew I needed to hire an attorney, but was very leery since there are so many shady personal injury firms out there. Tucker made me feel at ease. Almost as if I were a member of his own family. He was truly a godsend. I would highly recommend Baldani, Rowland & Richardson to anyone with any sort of legal issues. I know it sounds cliche’, but I honestly believe they weren’t just in it for the money, they really do want to help people. Oh, and we won our case with the insurance company too! Thanks Tucker!” — Gina Renee

“I have been involved in a somewhat complicated case for a number of months now. The team at BRR have done an excellent job, matching the prosecutor motion for motion. We are not finished with my case yet, but we have won a couple of significant battles, and they have kept my costs as low as possible through the process. I highly recommend BRR Law. They have shown that they care about their clients, and aren’t just in your pocket. They really are on your side!” — Ky Tyedye via G+

“Thank you so much for helping me with my speeding ticket. I am currently enrolled in law school at UK so I can appreciate the work that you do. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this for me. I hope that I can in turn help someone else when I finally finish school and start to practice. Thanks again!” — K. Jones

“Thanks again! You’re the best and I hope to see you in the next few “years”! Health and happiness to you, Lee Ann and the kids — Love always!” — Lisa

“Thanks so much for all you have done for me this year – Helping Darrell out & you would be so proud of him. Has not touched a drop of liquor and is very involved in the church and Bible study and looking for a serious relationship (Christian girl)(Know one?) ha.ha. The Christmas dinner was great. I am sorry I am so late getting this out but I have been so busy- Mama has had eye surgery and I am the only female child so you know how that goes- and Lynn’s little Megan (my grand-daughter) has developed heart problems, so I really don’t know which way I’m going- If you will with me next year I will donate a Kroger gift certificate for your Dinner. Thanks so very much!” — Mildred

“I want to thank you very much for all your help to Billy and I. You have done alot for Billy and I appreciate it so much. I hope you and your wife can come out some day when it turns a little warmer and see some of the foals on our farm. Best regards.” — C. Murphy

“Thank you for being an excellent lawyer and great person. I guess Fred did one thing right when he hired you! (HaHa) I have no doubt I would have lost my job and license had you not gone the ‘extra mile’ for me. Your thoughtfulness and hard work are greatly appreciated. I’ll call you after Christmas regarding what we spoke about last week. Until then, I hope you and your family have a great holiday!” — W. Scott

“This note can never express my gratitude for all you have done for me. You were my friend when I really needed one and didn’t know where to turn. I made a mistake and it ate me up inside. You never made me feel less than who I really was. Thank you is not enough, but please know I am honestly grateful and if I can ever do anything for you please call. Santa won’t forget you! God Bless.” — Elvira

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