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The attorneys at Baldani, Rowland & Richardson have considerable experience with filing and successfully arguing appeals at the state and federal level in both civil and criminal matters. Examples include:

  • Apeals from state district court to circuit court (such as appeals of DUI convictions);
  • Appeals from conditional guilty pleas;
  • Appeals and motions for discretionary review to both the Kentucky Court of Appeals and Kentucky Supreme Court;
  • Appeals of federal bond decisions;
  • Appeals to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals;
  • Petitions for Certiorary to the United States Supreme Court;
  • Various other post-conviction remedies, such as 11.42 claims (ineffective assistance of counsel) and habeas corpus petitions

If you or a loved one has a potential appeal and want to see if anything can be done, it is very important to act quickly to ensure that no deadlines are missed. Please call us at 859.259.0727 for a free confidential consultation.

Tucker Richardson

Tucker Richardson

Tucker is a founding member and managing partner of Baldani, Rowland and Richardson. He practices in all areas of state and federal criminal defense, from capital murder defense to DUI defense. You can reach Tucker at 859-259-0727.
Tucker Richardson

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