Who Watches the Watchmen?

We have a policing problem in America.

At heart, it’s not a problem unique to the police, or to America. Indeed, as Juvenal’s quote above indicates, it’s a problem the Romans were well aware of, too. Thanks to a slew of high-profile cases, much of the mainstream is becoming aware of policing issues that those who live on the fringes of society have been most sensitive to.

The problem addressed here isn’t even really so much about police. Policing is a dangerous, difficult, and often thankless job. We need police, and good police. But good police officers must be willing to admit that there are bad ones amongst their ranks.

Written by yours truly. Read the full thing over at Kentucky Free Press.

Tucker Richardson

Tucker Richardson

Tucker is a founding member and managing partner of Baldani, Rowland and Richardson. He practices in all areas of state and federal criminal defense, from capital murder defense to DUI defense. You can reach Tucker at 859-259-0727.
Tucker Richardson

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