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2nd Offense DUI Amended To Reckless Driving

Our client was charged with Second Offense Driving Under the Influence (DUI), KRS 189A.010.  An officer found him asleep at the wheel, while the vehicle was still running, at a stop light.  After several light cycles, the officer knocked on his driver's side window and awoke our client up.  After performing a series of standard field sobriety tests, the officer arrested our client for DUI.

Prior to his arraignment, the client retained Abe Mashni.  After several months of waiting for blood test results, negotiations with the prosecution, a successful plea deal was reached prior to trial.  The client pled guilty to an amended charge of Reckless Driving with a fine and court costs.  By pleading guilty to this amended charge he avoided the uncertainties of a jury trial while eliminating the possibility of a one (1) year license suspension, minimum seven (7) days in jail, a year of alcohol drivers education classes, and more.

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Abe Mashni

Abe Mashni is a criminal defense attorney practicing in Lexington, Kentucky.  After graduating the University of Kentucky, magna cum laude with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, Abe earned his Juris Doctorate f...

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