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Exceptional Job

Tucker Richardson, Russ Baldani, Guy Hamilton-Smith and the entire team at Baldani, Rowland & Richardson have done an exceptional job in resolving our legal issues. The case was extremely emotional and hopelessly bogged down in local politics. Thanks to the efforts of this team and Tucker's talents negotiating and navigating the court system in this small tightly knit area, a fair and acceptable resolution was reached. Without his hard work, this would never have been possible. I would highly recommend him and his law group for anyone needing an attorney who will be there for them. Your legal problems will be taken seriously and defended vigorously to the fullest extent possible. They are all personable, easy to talk to and once again, they WILL be there for you.

Proven Results

Established in 1988, Baldani, Rowland & Richardson has successfully represented thousands of individuals across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. With over 100 years of combined experience, let our team of attorneys fight for your rights.