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Constantly Battle For My Rights

Back in August of 2010, my world came crashing down because of choices I had made. I was on the verge of divorce, about to lose any chance of seeing my one little girl, and was facing multiple felonies in a very messy and painful case that the state of KY was bringing against me...

We searched for lawyers around Lexington and got connected with Russ through a couple of referrals. This is where the story takes a dramatic turn. Russ knows a lot about what he does, and if there's every something he doesn't know, he won't stop until he figures it out. The way Russ cared for me personally and really got to know my family and our circumstances made it so easy for us to trust him, both for his wisdom and his gut instinct.

He is very relationally intelligent and did such a great job communicating and negotiating with the prosecution and I never once questioned his motives, his intentions, or his work ethic. His willingness to constantly battle for my rights and what was best for our family made it possible for my wife and I to begin to heal, ultimately reconcile, and now three new children later, FLOURISH.

I would highly recommend Russ and his team to anyone looking for legal counsel of any kind. If and when you come across a circumstance or scenario where life-long legal consequences hang in the balance, you really need to know that the person you are hiring will have the tools you need and be in your corner all the way to the end. Russ is that guy.

Thanks Russ for helping navigate through the legal chaos of 4 years ago and for helping make a way for our family to survive my terrible choices and be even better off now because of them.

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